5 Tips That help your Succulents Thrive

5 Tips That help your Succulents Thrive

September 06, 2022 0 Comments

5 Tips That help your Succulents Thrive

Succulent plants come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours. Cacti, jade, and aloe are a few examples of succulents that can be used as outdoor or indoor plants. They require little maintenance, are a great plant for your home, and caring for them is simple once you know how.

How to Take Care of Succulents?

Although succulents might not require much attention, they still need some basic care to help them thrive:

Make sure to give them enough sunlight

Succulents need adequate light - a minimum of six hours of full sunlight daily. If you're keeping outdoor succulents, this should be very easy. However, if you're using an indoor plant, it's best to ensure that it is sun-drenched just inside the window. Plants that lean towards the light won't get enough sunlight, while if a plant has a burn spot, it means it is getting excessive direct sunlight.

Water your succulents adequately

How much water succulents require can differ based on the season. During their growth, they should be watered every time the soil dries out. Also, avoid giving them excess water. A succulent's lifespan increases when the roots are allowed to dry between irrigation. Succulent plants are dormant during the winter, so they require less water. The over watering of succulent soil is among the primary causes of most problems with growth, so be sure to keep your succulent watered as often as necessary.

Choose the right pot and soil mix

When you bring receive your succulent, the correct container and potting soil will make an enormous difference. If you are growing a succulent outdoors, the pot you choose for your succulent should include a drainage hole. Good drainage allows moisture to escape, making the soil and the roots dry out to avoid rotting. If you own or have indoor plants, you could choose to use well-draining soil that is more coarse than regular soil, which allows more air to circulate through it and encourages evaporation instead of draining. Pumice and per-lite are a good addition to certain plant mixes to aid the aeration.

Do not forget to fertilizer

Even desert plants that require little maintenance can benefit from a little fertilisation. Add a diluted, water-soluble, all-purpose fertilizer a few times a year to boost the health of your succulents. It's not a must; however, if you feel that your soil may need assistance, add some fertilizer.

Always keep a check on your plants

The succulents are more vulnerable to pests in the house than outside. Check your plants frequently to ensure they're not contaminated with mealy bugs and gnats. If you have these, it suggests that your plants are being over-watered or over-fertilised. Mealy bugs consume the juices of their host plants and create hundreds of eggs that can harm the plant over time. Spraying the soil or leaves of your plant with rubbing alcohol will kill the mealy bugs and their eggs.

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