Plant Care

Plant Care



Succulent plants store plenty of water in their roots, stems and leaves. 
Overwatering will cause succulent plant rot and many people make this mistake.
Water small pots about once a week and large pots about every two weeks.
Slowly pour sips of water directly into the soil.
Avoid misting with a spray bottle or pouring water directly onto the foliage of your succulents.
Let the potting mix dry completely between the watering sessions.
During summer, succulents left in sunny, hot spots need more water because the soil will dry out faster.
Decrease watering in the winter months as the soil needs longer time to dry.
All of Sara’s Garden succulent plants will be adequately watered prior to delivery and will be ready for your guests to take home at the end of your event. 


Succulents love bright light, especially the morning sunlight. While they appreciate a lot of light, most succulents need protection from the afternoon sun especially in summer and if they’re small succulents.
If you’re keeping your succulents indoor in a glass container make sure they get filtered sunlight.
If the leaves of your plant turn brown or white, they are letting you know they’d like a bit more shade.
Your plant will also tell you if it would prefer more sun. If the leaves seem sparse and the plant appears to be stretching toward the light, try a brighter area.Air:
Succulent plants enjoy a spot with good airflow.
When you receive your Sara’s Garden plants, you should first take out all the plants from the box or tray at once and place them in an area that they will get plenty of clean air.


Choosing the right container for your plant is very important.
Succulent plant containers should have a drainage hole - alternatively, you can put some crushed rocks or pebbles on the bottom of your container before adding the soil and potting your succulents.
If you live in a humid environment, ceramic containers will be the best option for your succulent plants.


If you’re re-potting your succulent plant, using the right soil for your succulent is extremely important. Succulent plants need well draining soil that holds enough water for them to absorb what they need, but still one that dries out quickly so excess water won’t cause your plants to rot. At Sara’s Garden we use premium succulent potting mix that is filled with lots of succulent nutrition.
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